Lily of the Valley

2012 Blender 3D Illustrator Photoshop Unity
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Lily of the Valley is a game produced by Nick Rudzicz and myself, as Oshitsu No Tenbungakusha, for T.O. Jam: The Sevening, an annual game jam hosted in Toronto. We had just under three days to complete a game. This was my first 3D game, and first attempt at animating 3D objects. I believe this was also Nick’s first foray into 3D game development. All things considered, I think we did pretty well. We definitely learned a lot.

The theme we were to base the game on was “This is NOT the end of world”. While our original idea was some sort of gardening sim, it turned out as a slow trudge through the ashy hills of Lily’s tortured mind. There are various concrete objects in the world which you can either set on fire or use a plant on. The plant will renew an object to the state it existed in before whatever trauma occurred to Lily. Setting an object on fire turns it to ash, like the rest of the world.

It’s not so much a game as a (decidedly short) desolate walk through a haunted land. I would love to expand and improve on this project.

You can download the game right here: Win 32 | OSX

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Lily of the Valley Lily Sketches