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My name is Philippe Jones. I am and have long been a creator of things. Not everything I create is decidedly exciting or new, but the act of creation always is.

I have a BFA, major in design from Concordia University in Montreal. My background is in art and design. Through my penchant for developing new skills quickly I have amassed myriad competencies, which include: web design, web programming, and all that those entail; mobile app design; 3D and CAD modelling and rapid prototyping; logo and graphic design; type design; illustration; painting; and sculpting. I’m enthusiastic to learn any new skills, as well. Being flexible and adaptable to a project is an important part of the way I work. I often undertake ambitious projects with needs beyond my immediate abilities to brute force learn new skills, and do so successfully.

I have been taking on design commissions for over a decade now, primarily web and identity design. I have experience working both directly with customers and through an intermediary as part of a larger business. To this day I continue to work directly with personal clients, having formed an excellent working relationship.

While I typically work independently, I revel in the opportunity to work collaboratively with creative peers. Sharing the development process with the right people makes a project a great deal more stimulating and gratifying.

I approach design work as an exercise in problem solving, with the process of solving being the most important, most satisfying part.

I currently live in Gatineau, Quebec with my ridiculous cat Eli, and my even more ridiculous partner, Laura.


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