2012 Cumulonimbus Illustrator Photoshop
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DoodleCam Logo

Jacob and I developed this Android app, DoodleCam, which allows you to take photos then it intelligently places doodles into them. As the project progressed we got more artists on board to make more doodles, and developed more interesting ways of integrating the doodles.

As with all of our apps, I developed the branding, UI, the necessary Google Play graphics, and in this case, the first set of doodles. I may create further doodle packs in the future.

If you have an Android device you can get the DoodleCam Beta on Google Play.

Below is a video we created to advertise DoodleCam.

I love drawing rusty robots. Here's an example of a basic doodle that looks for a sky and places a meteor along the top of the image. Photo CC Bobak Ha'Eri (,_Iowa%29#mediaviewer/File:091607-SiouxCity-Historic4th.jpg ) This doodle gets placed along the bottom edge of a photo. To make it more intelligently placed, we could attempt to detect the size of people in a photo and size the doodle accordingly. Photo CC Ralph Hockens ( ) This is an approximation of how this doodle is used in the app. A sky is detected, masked, and Rexilla is placed in the sky space. Photo CC Taxiarchos228 ( ) We were tinkering with DoodleCam, considering a revamp, and I reworked the logo in vectors to make it more flexible.