L and I celebrated our eighth anniversary today.

I feel like L and I’s anniversary is a more personally relevant measure of a new year. September 2nd is my new years day.

We attempted to hunt down a photobooth, using photobooth.net as a guide, but the ones we looked for seem to have been removed since they were last reported.

We also went to The Grand Hive: Honey’s Beestro, which is across the street from our apartment, and can be seen from our balcony. The food was great and incredibly timely. The wait staff was almost aggressively attentive. The weather wasn’t great though, so I guess there were fewer people to deal with than they are used to. The meal did seem… overly efficient, though. Everything happened so fast, or at least seemed to. I would have loved to stay there for longer and draw out the meal. I guess L and I are rather quick eaters, too. It was great nonetheless.

The whole day was delightful.