I Found a New Drawing App Yesterday: ArtFlow

Here’s what I did with it:

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Fish Being

Fish Being

Aura Sketch


Week of Sketches 05/20-26

Week of Sketches 05/13-19

More like weak of sketches. What a shameful display.

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Week of Sketches 05/06-12

Missed a day this week. Was working damn hard that day I missed, though!

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Week of Sketches 05/01-05

I’ve start doing daily sketches, and I’ll be collecting them in weeks on here. I’ve defined a sketch loosely as being any practice for any creative skills, as long as it’s independent of any ongoing project. A sketch can later evolve into a project, of course. Greeting and celebration cards do fall under the category of sketches, as does gift art.

Here’s week one!

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Sketch: Hallowe’en Costume

My hurriedly thrown together costume for this year, a post-apocalyptic survivor. The costume was comprised of a bunch of things I wear or use regularly, plus some rags and a gas mask. Not visible in the drawing is the red cross on the black bag. Also, the rag on my wrist had teddy bears on it and, in the story for the costume, is the remains of my dead child’s pyjamas.

Hallowe'en Costume 2012

Sketch: Desert Wanderer

Desert Wanderer