Dawson Student Union Posters

2014 DSU Illustrator InDesign ink pencil Photoshop
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In 2010 I was contracted to do graphic design for the Dawson Student Union. It started with a logo consultation and t-shirt design which lead to regular poster and flyer work for the next four years.

As a union, and a fairly politically active one at that, the DSU needed a lot of text heavy, informative, design with enticing calls to action. This manifested as a mix of playful design exploration and a harkening back to classic union style propaganda posters. I happen to have an affinity for old propaganda posters, so I was more than happy to toy with that aesthetic.

Flyers for the 2012 DSU Hallowe'en party. I drew a total of ten comic characters of their choosing and used them across the flyers, posters, and tickets.

Considering the relative small design budget of a student union, whenever a piece needed imagery I had two options: find a creative commons image that fit, or draw it myself. While finding an existing image was usually faster, it rarely was exactly right. The posters I got to illustrate myself were always the most pleasurable.

I actually based the middle poster here on an old etched union poster.
DSU Welcome Flyers The Speaker Series were great to design for. Every year I created a template to play with. I was actually instructed to focus the Justin Trudeau design on his dreamy eyes. Seriously. DSU Speaker Series 2011 Another example of the heavy-handed, propaganda style call-to-action poster. I'd never drawn Rich Uncle Pennybags before. It was fun. I illustrated a bunch of shiny things this year. Very satisfying.