2013 Cumulonimbus Illustrator Photoshop
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Jacob Sheehy and I co-founded Cumulonimbus to develop Android apps. The name refers to our first app, which deals with atmospheric pressure measurements crowdsourced from smartphones, and uses a database on cloud servers.

The logo is derived from the scientific symbol for cumulonimbus clouds Cb

We had originally settled on a more elaborate logo, a hand-vectored version of a Photoshop sketch. I was enamored with the various imperfect layers of transparency, and tried to balance that with crisp edges. The result nagged at me for a few months until I decided to greatly simplify the logo. It has since gone through four more iterations, simplifying, iconifying, and switching out the type face a few times.

Cumulonimbus Card

Above is the final logo, used for the incorporated business, used in our business cards. Below is another card, which we hand to strangers when we spot their barometer-toting phones.

Jacob and I have gotten quite good at spotting barometer phones. These cards make the education process much easier.