Lists a Plenty

I meant to post an entry just under a month ago about all the things that had happened in the very busy week and a half prior. It got long, and I took a break, and never got back to it. I’ll summarize a few things here:

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Lint Jets in the Hot Tub

So I got on the train today and sat down beside some girl. After about 10 minutes of the wifi not working, and the guy across the aisle having the same problem, and one of the Via staff restarting the modem, and having looked over the train safety pamflet, I turn to Brigette and introduce myself. She goes to McGill, she’s in a science class, she’s on the rowing team—WHAT?

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Cardboard Cut-Out People in a Cardboard Cut-Out World

Last Saturday Marisa had a movie monster themed party, starring herself, Alex, Evan, Heather, Jacob, Carolina, Jessie, Rachel, Stefan, Laura, and myself. They built a cardboard city and we destroyed it. It was quite fun. Finish Reading »