A Not So Brief Update After a Long Break

I contacted Kim about making a comic and proposed some ideas. We’re both very excited about the project. We chose an idea and started developing it. So far we have the prologue written. I need to lay out the pages and start drawing the characters. I got some help referencing the period costumes from Marisa. More on that soon!

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Cardboard Cut-Out People in a Cardboard Cut-Out World

Last Saturday Marisa had a movie monster themed party, starring herself, Alex, Evan, Heather, Jacob, Carolina, Jessie, Rachel, Stefan, Laura, and myself. They built a cardboard city and we destroyed it. It was quite fun. Finish Reading »

Fitter, Happier, More Productive

Laura and I are becoming quickly and surprisingly proficient in ASL, which is fantastic. Pat Dumoulin, it turns out, can fingerspell incredibly quickly. Once I saw him do it on Friday, I realized I had seem him do this before long ago but figured he was making jibberish signs. Not so.

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