Carolina is an Artist!

Over the past two days, for a total of about 10 hours, I helped Carolina convert her all-HTML site to an HTML 5 compliant, .txt file based, auto-populating site. I’m pretty happy with how quickly I put the system together.

Cardboard Cut-Out People in a Cardboard Cut-Out World

Last Saturday Marisa had a movie monster themed party, starring herself, Alex, Evan, Heather, Jacob, Carolina, Jessie, Rachel, Stefan, Laura, and myself. They built a cardboard city and we destroyed it. It was quite fun. Finish Reading »

Sincerely Passionate about Beer and Burgers

Yesterday after work, 11pm, I hurried over to Brutopia where Laura, Carolina, and Jessie were, with a bruburger with my name on it. The kitchen closed at 11, but they got there earlier and ordered one for me. I was absolutely drenched in sweat, a film covering my entire face. That was just from heat. The bruburger, some how, wasn’t all that satisfying or even exceptionally tasty, which is incredibly disheartening because it is usually such an experience to eat. The pint I had after was disappointing too, as it just kinda filled me and made me gassy.

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Fitter, Happier, More Productive

Laura and I are becoming quickly and surprisingly proficient in ASL, which is fantastic. Pat Dumoulin, it turns out, can fingerspell incredibly quickly. Once I saw him do it on Friday, I realized I had seem him do this before long ago but figured he was making jibberish signs. Not so.

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Bacon Taped to the Bathroom Tile

I just watched Gummo for the first time. Harmony Korine wrote and directed it. I started out on the couch, playing MW2 and watching the movie on my laptop. I wasn’t really into the game, so I turned it off and moved to the kitchen. I finished off washing dishes from today. After I finished those and dumped out the water I realized I had forgotten a pot on the stove, of course. I watched the rest of the movie standing beside the counter with the laptop on the fridge. Near the end I sat on the counter for a bit.

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The Montreal Indies Meetup, which Stephen and his friend organized, went quite well. I created a temporary blog for the project and hopefully soon there’ll be a name for it. After that a proper domain, and then monthly meetings. This could lead to co-working spaces and indie game publishing and all sorts of wonderful, exciting stuff.

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