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Wario: Blood Money

I’ve been playing Wario games lately for the Gameboy and Gameboy Advance, in an emulator, using a wireless gamepad. I played through Super Mario Land 1 and 2, having never played them before and being very interested in seeing how different they were developed from the other games, and what influenced what.

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To L: You Weren’t Using a Computer

You moaned like Eli does as you sat up.

“What’s up?”

Another moan.

“What’s wrong?”

“Oh, yeah, I forgot about the computer. Sorry,” you finally reply, in a clear voice.

“Err, yeah. What? It’s okay.”

“What happened to the computer?”

“What computer?”

“The computer I was using.”

“You weren’t using a computer.”

“Oh, okay, what happened to it?”

“You weren’t using a computer,” I repeat.

“Oh, okay then. It’s alright,” you assure me as you lay back down, and roll into the blanket.

Eight Years

L and I celebrated our eighth anniversary today.

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Design Doc: Toilet Paper

Toilet Paper is an interactive web page which allows the user to drag around and choose what to do with rolls, sheets, and empty tubes of toilet paper.

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Design Doc: Web World

Web World, as it will be named for the purpose of this document, is a simulation of life, based on gathered or created statistics of people’s paths throughout life.

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Link: A New Addition to Our Household!

Lists a Plenty

I meant to post an entry just under a month ago about all the things that had happened in the very busy week and a half prior. It got long, and I took a break, and never got back to it. I’ll summarize a few things here:

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Well You Can Put Your Hands in Your Head, Oh No!

This morning I had many a wacky dream, as I often do. At one point I woke up, then went back to sleep, and dreamt about retelling my previous dreams, and created further wacky dreams while talking about the old ones. My dreams tend to bleed into one another, or are separated by brief awakenings where I shift my body position.

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A Not So Brief Update After a Long Break

I contacted Kim about making a comic and proposed some ideas. We’re both very excited about the project. We chose an idea and started developing it. So far we have the prologue written. I need to lay out the pages and start drawing the characters. I got some help referencing the period costumes from Marisa. More on that soon!

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