I hear a banging sound over the music coming through my headphones, so I remove them. The sound doesn’t repeat, so I replace my headphones.

About a minute later, I hear something again. This time it’s you, talking about not letting something fall on you. I rush to the bedroom to find out what’s going on. You’re sitting up in bed, still saying “Phil, don’t let it fall on me!” in a gradually more worried and frustrated tone.

“Let what fall on you?”


“What, Laura?”

That, right there!” you insist, pointing up, near the lamp in the middle of the ceiling.

“Laura, you’re dreaming.”

“No! I’m not! The other fire bender told me that the thing… was-” My mouth drops in amazement, and I stare at you, speechless. “What?!” you ask. “I’m not dreaming! Your sister just told me that-“

“Is my sister a fire bender?” I ask excitedly.

“No… I don’t think so.”

“Who’s ‘the other fire bender’?”

“I… don’t know,” you ponder a moment, then come to a realization, “…I was dreaming that part. But not when your sister was here.” Another moment. “Or maybe I was… I dunno.” And with that, you slumped over and went back to sleep.